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Local Ferment Co 

Local Ferment Co 

Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm-6pm

Pork Overload Pack

Rs. 2,500.00

Oink-oink! Pork lover spotted!

Can’t blame you though, if we had to choose our favourite pork cuts, we’d be in a pickle too. Which is why we’ve launched the Pork Overload Pack featuring the best of our pork cuts for you to enjoy. 

It includes:

Sausages: Green Masala Sausage x 2, Pork Pepper Sausage x 2, Goan Sausage x 2

Hungarian Salami X 50gm

Antipasti x 50gm

Applewood Smoked Bacon x 50gm

Pepperoni x 50gm

Dijon Mustard & our signature Full Grain Mustard (60g each) as classic accompaniments