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Local Ferment Co 

Local Ferment Co 

Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm-6pm


Made with love and integrity, LFC's condiments are a mix of timeless classics and modern re-inventions.
Simple and easy to whip up great meals in a pinch but at the same time, deeply complex in flavour to be found at some of the best cafes and restaurants across India.

All products are made in-house, with ethically sourced ingredients and impeccable technique.

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Cherry, cacao & vanilla jam

Rs. 450.00

Red Wine Onion Jam

From Rs. 450.00

Bitter Orange Marmalade

Rs. 350.00
Out of stock

Authentic Kimchi

Rs. 475.00

Full Grain Mustard

From Rs. 250.00

Red Wine Mustard

Rs. 450.00

Spiced Mango Relish

Rs. 480.00

Pasta / Pizza / Arrabiata Sauce

Rs. 400.00

Sundried tomato

From Rs. 350.00

Raspberry, orange & ginger jam

Rs. 450.00

Organic Pesto

Rs. 450.00

Hazelnut, orange & cacao spread

Rs. 475.00