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Local Ferment Co 

Local Ferment Co 

Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm-6pm

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Variety Packs

Variety Packs

Can't pick a flavor or wanna try them all? We've got your covered!

Launching LFC Variety Packs for you to try all our insanely delicious flavors all-together.  Jaw dropping discounts, lip-smacking flavors. Choose through different packs of all our flagship beverages or order them all through the Signature Variety Pack.

Ginger Beer Variety Pack Ginger Beer Local Ferment Co

Ginger Ale Variety Pack

Rs. 600.00
Kombucha Variety Pack Kombucha Local Ferment Co

Kombucha Variety Pack

Rs. 700.00
Shrub Soda Variety Pack Shrub Soda Local Ferment Co

Shrub Soda Variety Pack

Rs. 550.00
Jun Variety Pack Jun Local Ferment Co

Jun Variety Pack

Rs. 850.00
Signature Variety Pack Variety Packs Local Ferment Co

Signature Variety Pack

Rs. 1,950.00
adaptoJUN Variety Pack Local Ferment Co

adaptoJUN Variety Pack

Rs. 650.00