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Local Ferment Co 

Local Ferment Co 

Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm-6pm


How to store our beverages?

Haven't we spoken a lot about our beverages being naturally fermented and carbonated with probiotics floating all around. 

Our beverages are naturally fermented and carbonated, and to serve you the best pour and avoid any gaffe, we request you to refrigerate them at any given time. We mean, who doesn't love a fizzy and chilled bev, right?

What not to do before popping open a bottle?

*DO NOT shake well before pouring

*DO NOT flip the up and down, you don't want a champagne experience.

What is the shelf life of our beverages?

If refrigerated, all our beverages including Kombucha, Jun, Shrub Sodas and Ginger Beer, Adaptojun are good for 3 months. 

Tepache? As a beverage lab doing trials everyday, we are still trying to control the fermentation process in Tepache while maintaining the same taste profile. But like we say, it's the wild one and hence it needs to be consumed within 2 days of being dispatched.

Best time to have our beverages?


But if little caffeine keeps you up during the night, then try avoiding drinking during evening or night hours. But hey, let’s not get disappointed, you can definitely try our caffeine free adaptoJun. 

What exactly is Shrub Sodas?

We are talking about reincarnation of the definition of soda that we grew up with. Shrubs, a concept of yore to preserve fresh fruit in vinegar and sugar, is now being experimented in LFC’s beverage lab to make the tastiest soda. 

Made with fresh fruits, herbs and classic vinegars. Simple.

How to store aged cheese once opened?

Your cheese needs to breathe.

You will find a lot of ways to store cheese on the internet, but what has worked best for us is to wrap it with two layers of butter paper and then keep it in an airtight box kept on the top shelf of your refrigerator. This balances the humidity. When opened, change the butter paper, clean of any water droplets from the box and you are good to go again.

Do not cling wrap your cheese, your cheese needs to breathe and not trap the moisture. 

How to store bread?

We are talking about numerous types of breads and they all stale differently. Breads containing fat like brioche will have a longer shelf life than a baguette. Breads with higher hydration like Ciabatta will have a smaller shelf life.

But we are talking about bread. What can you not do with bread and finish them asap. 

Keeping it at room temperature in a plastic bag is the best way to store your bread, it might make its crust softer, but toast it and you are good to go again. Refrigeration will not necessarily increase your bread’s shelf life but it will definitely make it drier. To avoid that, slice your bread using a serrated knife (life is much easier that way), put the slices in a zip lock and deep freeze it. Take out a slice, bring it to room temperature and it will be as good as that day’s bake. Thank us later.

Shelf life of our condiments?

Unless opened, you can keep them out for as long as you wish. Once opened, keep them refrigerated and they will all be good for 2 months.

Shelf life of our cultured butter?

As the butter has come in contact with moisture from the infusions and chances are that it will go stale sooner. Deep freeze it for longer shelf life, take it out a night before and use it however you prefer - pasta / toast or just a simple seared piece of meat.

Do we do curations and gifting?

YES. We just don’t do it, it is what we specialise in.

To venture into providing the most personalised experience for a dear occasion, we bring everything bespoke to the table. Ranging from custom bakes, tailor made assortment, a dedicated concierge services, to minimalistic and sustainable packaging. 

A pamper to oneself or to a loved one is what curations at LFC are all about. Not just a simple store bought gift but a much more personalised experience.

Give us a call and we will have you sorted.