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Local Ferment Co 

Local Ferment Co 

Tue-Fri: 10am-9pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm-6pm | Mon closed

Ginger Ale

Rs. 120.00

A classic refresher made with 100% real ginger juice for the ultimate punch. Made by inoculating ginger tea with a "ginger bug", a slurry of fresh ginger, organic sugar & water that has been allowed to ferment until bubbly.

A squeeze of fresh lemon rounds off & balances this spicy ginger drink, bringing out great undertones of the lovely ginger root.

Enjoy in a cocktail like the Moscow Mule, the Dark & Stormy or drink straight with some rosemary!

Available in 2 exciting flavors: Classic & Kaffirlime

Ingredients: Cold-pressed ginger juice, water, organic cane sugar, ginger culture [🔍 clean labels, nothing else]

⬇️ 112 calories
🫚 100% real ginger juice
🚫 Zero artificial colors & flavors, no preservatives
🌱 Vegan
🕙. Enjoy anytime
🥂 Cocktail friendly
🙅🏽‍♀️ Gluten & dairy-free
💕 Handcrafted, made in small batches

Qty: 330ml
Shelf Life: 1yr at room temp
Shipped pan-India.